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Payment Plans for the Cost of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep disorders are incredibly common, yet many people are unable to get the treatment they need due to the high costs associated with treatment. Fortunately, our payment plans for sleep treatment can help reduce the financial burden

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Getting Started with Your Treatment


If you're interested in getting a dental sleep appliance, the first step is to get a referral from your doctor. This can be a general practitioner or a specialist such as an ENT. Once you have your referral, you can make your first appointment at the Mountain View Sleep Center and bring along any paperwork you have. Our billing department will explain our payment plan and help get you approved. 


Will my insurance cover the cost?


Dental insurance is designed to provide coverage for issues surrounding your teeth and mouth. Our treatment is a dental appliance, but it will be used to treat your medical sleep diagnosis. At this time neither medical or dental insurance will be billed for your dental appliance. Due to this limitation, we offer a payment plan to help make the treatment affordable.

Is the Mountain View Sleep Center part of Mountain View Orthodontics?


At Mountain View Sleep Center, we have the tools and expertise to make your experience of sleep treatment both pleasant and efficient. We are located within Mountain View Orthodontics, which means we have access to the shared equipment used for both orthodontics and dental appliances. Dr. Hosseinian is Board Certified by both the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Board of Orthodontics. With his extensive qualifications, you can trust that you are in the best of hands.

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Schedule an Appointment


By scheduling an appointment with Mountain View Sleep Center, you can get the best and most tailored treatment for your individual needs. The process of getting the right sleep apnea treatment can be overwhelming, but with the right help and resources, you can get a comfortable treatment at an affordable price. Don't wait for the right time to seek the help you need – make the time and get the care you deserve today.

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