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Sleep apnea treatment made comfortable, for a better night's sleep


Treatment that gives you a more comfortable CPAP Alternative

CPAP Alternative

Did you know you can find a sleep apnea treatment with no mask?

Signs of Sleep Apnea

Do you have issue with sleep apnea?  Do you know what the warnings and myths?

What to Expect

Have questions about if orthodontics can help your sleep apnea. Find out more:

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A better night's sleep:
Our CPAP Alternative

Oral appliance therapy is an effective treatment option for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. An oral appliance fits over your teeth like an orthodontic retainer while you sleep and supports your jaw in a forward position to keep your airway open. A custom-fit oral appliance can improve your sleep, restore your alertness, and revitalize your health without having a wear a mask while sleeping.

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Our Mission

Here at Mountain View Dental Sleep Center, we blend cutting edge technology and dental appliances to help you sleep better.  Our skilled team is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care.  At our office you are more than just a patient - we treat you like family!  It is our goal to guide you on a journey that will give you a great night's sleep that not only improves your dental function, but also elevates your self-esteem, confidence and overall well-being.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Dr. Bana Hosseinian, DDS, MDS

Doctor Hosseinian

Meet Our Team

Dr. Hosseinian (or you can call her Dr. H) has been practicing since 2011 and has board certifications from both the American Board of Orthodontics and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Hosseinian came to Roanoke with her family in 2015. Our whole team is excited to help you work through your sleep challenges.

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